Alex Kouprianoff Photography | About

I am a Belgian Professional Photographer.

For the past 30 years I have been working on different niches as multiskilled Photographer for Travel Guides,Tourism Organizations, Hotels, Annual Reports, Corporate, Press and Social Photography for Magazines and Newspapers... 

* Film and Digital Photography 
* Black & White Photography

* Art Photo - Chill Out Pictures
* Travel Photography (Travel Guides for major Travel Guides Publishers)
* Photo Editing for Magazines and Books. 
* Print, Inkjet Techniques, Adobe user, Apple fan

I have been also focusing on Folklore & Traditions in my own country alongside reportages all over the World mainly as a Travel Photographer

For my photo expertise see the following link:
• Published work: 
- Travel Guides & Books *
- Tourism brochures *
- Features *

• Black & White work:
- Binche Carnival *
- Belgium Folklore *

I speak French, English, Portuguese and Spanish (and understand Catalan, Dutch, Italian).
Ability to operate at international level, helped by my language skills.

Experience on editing magazines (Eurostar Magazine for 7 years) and publishing art books.

I am one an active or member of:

  • AJET (Association des journalistes et Ecrivains de Tourisme - Belgian Guild of Travel Writers) - Founder and Trustee  -
  • AJBA (Association des Journalistes Belges Automoto - Belgian Guild of Car-Moto Writers) -
  • SOFAM -

So, whatever the project you are working on, I would be very happy to talk about it with you.

Feel free to contact me.